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Health and Safety Policy

Given the risk inherent to the productive process, the health and safety policies of Crismetal Construções e montagens Metálicas, Lda. aim to achieve a high standard of safety, hygiene and health in the workplace in order to minimise the risk of accidents and occupational diseases of emplouees, customers, service providers and other stakeholders.

Crismetal Construções e Montagens Metálicas, Lda., aware of its surroundings, believes that the only way to achieve a safe working environment is to involve all employees in an effort to continuously improve safety, hygiene and health at work - SO,  SAFETY iS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY.

in order to minimise occupational hazards peculiar to such activity, Crismetal, makes a strong commitment on information and training for its employees, encouraging the participation of all in order to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace.

Crismetal, undertakes to analyze risk factors that may affect employees health and safety , to comply with legal requirements under occupational health and safety at work and promote at all levels, both individually and collectively, a total commitment to the standards and rules in force allowing to ensure safety, hygiene and health at work as company values.

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